Email Service

Our email service provides a secure, reliable way to communicate for business or personal needs. We respect your data, and would never share or sell it, contrary to what most big-name email providers do. 

Whether you want an email on one of our public domains or need a custom domain for your business. We have the solutions for you. 

Check out our Email to Fax service! Get faxes in your email inbox. Now you can get rid of the slowly-fading fax service on the landline.

Upward Mail

Upward Mail is a secure, filtered email solution. Upward Mail accounts are behind a robust spam filter, keeping most phishing emails, spam, junk, or immoral content from your inbox. It can be accessed through any IMAP or POP3 client, or through our online webmail portal.
$7.50/mo for a block of 10 email addresses
5GB storage per address.

Custom Domains

A custom domain allows you to have your own domain and personal email address like ''. We offer custom domain service for our customers at the same price as the standard email service above, with the additional fees below.
$3.50/mo+ standard email service.
$30.30 One time domain purchase fee

Email to Print

For those who need good quality pictures through email, but don't use a cell phone or computer, our Email to Print solution is just the thing. Send emails by scanning them on your printer. When a new email comes, it prints out automatically on your printer. 

Email to Fax

Get faxes in your email inbox. Now you can get rid of the slowly-fading fax service on the landline. If the only reason you are holding on to your landline is to send faxes, we have a solution for you. With email to fax, you can send and receive faxes from any email address. Simply compose a message from your email program to the recipients fax number followed by our fax domain, and hit send! When you receive a fax, it will show in your inbox as an email with an attachment.
Starting at $12.50/mo
We offer different plans based on the number of pages you expect to send or receive in a month.

Contact our team

Are you interesting in getting setup with an Upward Way email account? We'd be glad to help you out! 
FAX: 717.222.5552
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