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Is your phone filtered?

Did you know that even though flip phones appear harmless, many of them
have full access to the internet? We sell flip phones with the internet disabled
and filter Android and iOS smart phones.

Custom Tailored Internet Filters

Choose from one of our internet filtering options, which range from email only to a list of websites of your choice to dynamically finding and removing bad content while letting you use the internet for what you need. SecureLock now works on Windows, Mac, Android (now with extra features), and iOS.

Filtered, private email

Upward Mail respects your privacy, something that can't be said for many email services. It also uses a spam filter to block unwanted and objectionable content. If you want more than basic email, check out our options for getting custom domains "", emailing from your printer, and converting emails to faxes.

Get internet safe from the source

With SecureLock connections, not only is your device filtered, your whole internet network is. Anyone who connects to your network without an eMyPeople filter will only be able to access email. Locked down internet can be provided through a mobile hotspot, or we can filter your current connection.

Why eMyPeople?

Information technology is constantly evolving. It becomes crucial, then, that along with those changes come competent tools that help us maximize the benefits of useful technologies while safeguarding our families, churches, and businesses from their dangers. Our goal at eMyPeople is to develop and provide such tools. As part of the plain Anabaptist community ourselves...