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SecureLock is not just an app locker. It is a Mobile Device Management system made for those who need full control over apps and functions of Android mobile devices. It will disable any unwanted apps and run your internet traffic through a filter to remove junk. SecureLock can be installed on most Android devices running Android 5 and newer. To install SecureLock, you will need an unrestricted internet connection that doesn't use captive portal (doesn't need you to go to a website to log in).
Instructions for Android 7* and newer:

1. Factory reset your device (You will need to back up all photos, contacts, etc. that you want to keep)

2. When the device turns back on and comes to the first welcome screen, tap rapidly on the screen six times (Do not tap "Next" or choose a language. Just anywhere else on the screen.).

3. If you do that successfully, it will turn on a special enrollment mode, which will then need two things: A WiFi connection and a QR code.

4. Connect to a wifi network, and Scan the QR code below when the camera turns itself on and follow the prompts.

Your device will install the SecureLock app, and go directly to the home screen once it is done. If you installed it correctly, you should not be able to uninstall SecureLock. Now, simply contact the sales team for a license number and/or control panel access. 

*For devices running Android 5 and 6, please contact us at, or ask the Sales team to help you with installation.
FAX: 717.222.5552
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