SecureLock Connections

With SecureLock Connections, no device on your network is able to access unfiltered internet. Any device that connects to your network without an eMyPeople filter installed can only access email. You can choose between buying a mobile hotspot from us, or we can restrict your current connection. 

Restricted Wireless

Our restricted wireless access leverages the private VPN that cellular providers make available to business accounts. This gives us a very secure way to restrict internet access.

Once we place a line of service into the specified service mode, there is no way for the user to circumvent that line’s restriction. Even the cellular carrier could not restore full internet access unless we release the line. The wireless line of service needs to be on our account for this to work. If you have your device activated by another company, we cannot place it in secure VPN mode. By default, we lock this connection to email with our in-house services and Team Viewer. However, if you are subscribed to a filter that allows more than that, you will be able to access the filtered internet that you are subscribed to, whether that is a whitelist, or a content filter like SafeSentry Pro, through the software that we install on your device. If someone else attempts to access the internet by connecting their device to the restricted connection, they will not be able to access anything beyond email and services specified above.
Wireless Plans starting at $28.00/mo
Get discounts by bundling data with one of our SecureLock filters.

Wireless Hardware

Verizon Jetpack

Purchase our battery-powered Verizon Orbic Jetpack. The jetpack ships with one of our Private Network Verizon SIM cards.

Use this WIFI hotspot with devices around the house or on the go. Get wired internet by connecting to your computer with a USB cable. When 4G service is not available, stay connected by using 3G bands.

When used without pairing with our filter software, the device is locked to eMyPeople email, and eMyPeople's website. 
$165 + Shipping
2100+ Modems Sold!

Enterprise Modem

Our Enterprise Modem is the ideal mobile broadband router for Email-Only, White-list, Filtered Internet, and other applications.

This rugged metal router comes with an embedded modem that is compatible with 4G LTE and 3G networks throughout North America, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Two redundant SIM slots are available for separate carriers. It works well with third-party wireless connections or where we need to enforce on-board rules. It also has the capability of being used with credit card machines, VOIP phones, and Postage Meters.
$445+ Shipping
Monthly management cost: $12.70


With our Secure Router, we can lock down your existing connection. Whether you are using DSL or Satellite for your internet source, you can install this router downstream, locking the internet before it reaches your computers. 
$131 + Shipping
Customer Opinion

This is to let you know that our group is very grateful for the service you provide and it has met our need very well. May God bless you with wisdom and success.

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