You can now purchase mobile phones with your choice of filter through eMyPeople!

Is your mobile phone filtered?

Mobile phones are powerful devices that can be used as a tool in many ways.  We make it possible for you to customize the level of access to internet or apps on your phone. 

Use the phone you already own, or choose to buy one from us. We offer both smart phones and locked flip phones for sale. 

SecureLock MDM

With SecureLock, your phone can be tailored to your individual needs. Do you need calling only? Do you need calling and texting? Camera on or off? Lock to email, weather, and maps? Filtered browsing? With SecureLock your device can be configured to your specifications, eliminating unwanted apps and connections while retaining a user-friendly experience for all your communication and work needs. All this comes free with your choice of our Android compatible filters.

To begin using SecureLock, you may choose to buy one of our ready-to-go Moto Smart Phones, which comes preconfigured with the filter of your choice, or you can buy your own Android phone, and we can send you SecureLock and the instructions for installation via email.

Flip Phones

If a smartphone isn't for you, we've got you covered! Unlike most flip phones, which--unknown to many--have browsers installed, these phones have all internet access removed.

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