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In June of this year the popular communications app WhatsApp released a new feature called WhatsApp Channels, allowing content creators, public figures, and organizations to send broadcasts to large numbers of users. This feature was initially only availabe to users in Colombia and Singapore, then later Egypt, Chile, Malaysia, Morocco, Ukraine, Kenya, and Peru, before becoming widely available last month.

Many WhatsApp users saw potential dangers with the new Channels feature since it was a definite step away from a simple messaging platform and toward a more social-media-style experience.

That's why we created Channel X!

How it works

Channel X uses accessibility features on your Android device to continuously monitor user interaction. When a user accesses a blocked view or button, he/she is quickly exited out of the app or redirected to a different part of the app, based on the Channel X configuration. The configuration can be secured using one of three methods.

- Accountability Contacts: Pair your device with another Channel X user. You will have access to their configuration and they will have access to yours. Your accountability contact can make changes to your configuration if needed.

- Password: Enter a password during the Channel X configuration process. Use this same password if you need to unlock it later. You can have a family member or friend create and enter the password for you if you don't want to be able to unlock it yourself.

- Total Lockdown: Choose the total lockdown method and your Channel X configuration will be completely locked, with no way to unlock it yourself. You will need to contact our support team for an unlock key.

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