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Why eMyPeople?

   Information technology is constantly evolving. It becomes crucial, then, that along with those changes come competent tools that help us maximize the benefits of useful technologies while safeguarding our families, churches, and businesses from their dangers. Our goal at eMyPeople is to develop and provide such tools.
   As part of the plain Anabaptist community ourselves, we are in a position to understand the technological needs of Anabaptist groups across the globe. We offer a wide selection of Internet filtering options, ranging from email only to custom whitelists and general content filters. The Windows and Android operating systems are the most broadly supported, and we have solutions for Apple devices as well. Our SafeSentry Pro on-site Internet filtering appliance is especially suitable for businesses and churches.
   The flip phones we sell are programmed with custom restrictions tailored to the needs of conservative Anabaptists or anyone who wants a phone focused on communication without the ability to browse the web. In addition to our standard email service, we offer email-to-fax, email-to-printer, and custom domain email hosting. The strength of our email data privacy and spam filtering is ahead of many widely-used free email providers. We never collect, use, or share our customers' personal data without their permission.
   We invite you to get in touch and find out more about what we have to offer. Let us be your partner in safe technology solutions!