Troubleshooting Dynamite Protector

Steps to Troubleshooting Dynamite Protector

When Dynamite Protector is installed, it is imperative that the antivirus is turned off! If not, you may get one of the following results:

Very slow web browsing
Hit or miss results in the web browser
OS Issues such as extreme slowness, like 30 sec to open control panel
Disabled user login accounts (only administrators function)

Resolution is as follows:
Uninstall Dynamite Protector Normally
Turn off Antivirus
Do a Winsock Reset - Follow this guide to do a winsock reset
Restart Windows
Verify Antivirus still off
Install Dynamite Protector - you'll find a guide here How to install Dynamite Protector
Restart Windows
Turn on Antivirus
Test Dynamite Protector to make sure it's working.


Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and find Dynamite Protector. If it says Dynamite Protector 3.2.8 follow this article and remove manual proxy settings. Re-open your browsers and try again.


Common issues and their resolution.

1) Uninstaller Crashes, or never shows the screen to enter the uninstall password.

Try re-installing Dynamite Protector without uninstalling it first.

2) Screen for uninstall password comes up, but no information is filled into any of the fields.

Try re-installing Dynamite Protector without uninstalling it first.

3) Screen comes up asking for uninstall password but if you leave the password field blank and press Submit it uninstalls.

The installation is corrupt. Try re-installing


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