Troubleshooting the UM175 Verizon USB Modem

Steps to troubleshooting the UM175 Verizon USB Modem.

1) Unplug the modem from the computer and turn the computer TOTALLY off. Restart it and than try again.

2) How many bars of signal does VZ access manager show?

3) What colour is the light on the side of the modem? The colour codes are:

      No light - device has no power or has gone bad

      Solid Blue  - Connected to PC and is connected to network

      Blinking blue - Looking for service.

      Red - Connected to PC but has no service.

      Amber - Something has gone internally.

4) Are you sure you have 3G service in your area? Verizon is slowly pushing 4G into some areas and terminating the 3G. The UML175 modem is only 3G compatible. Usually in a case like this you can connect but it is really spotty. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. The only option is upgrade to a  4G compatible modem like the UML290.

5) Check for an outdated Antivirus and remove it. This is often the "trouble maker" when the computer doesn't recognize the modem or will not connect.
Go to Control Panel>System Security>Action Center, Drop down the
security bar and see what antivirus program it shows. Go to Control Panel>Software>Add/Remove
programs and uninstall.

6) Re-install VZ Access Manger.
First of all remove the modem. Once removed, go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and look for VZ Access Manger. Right-click on it and press uninstall. It will guide you through the uninstallation process. Once done, go back to the list of programs and look for PANTECH UML175 Driver. Uninstall it as well. Once it has uninstalled turn the computer totally off and than restart the computer. Do not insert the modem yet but insert the cd that would've come with the modem as well. Press Run when prompted and click on Software. Go to UM175 VZ Modem > Windows > VZAM_7.2.1_2420b_Pantech_UML175. Double click on the
file and it will guide you through the installation process. Once done, reboot again. Once the computer is up and running insert your modem and open VZ Access Manager and try connecting.

7) Does the modem light up when you plug it in? Does the computer ding when you insert it? Or show the little icon that allows you to eject it safely? If it doesn't it's very likely the modem has gone bad.




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