Troubleshooting a Dialup Connection





 You try installing the dialer (Emy-People Email Only) but it get's stuck.

    1) Open the Task Manager. To do this press CTRL, Shift and Esc all at the same time. Hint: All 3 keys are located on the left-hand side of the keyboard.

    2) Look for the process called Emy-People Email only, right-click on it and press End Process. Press Yes to confirm.

    3) Try installing again.

    4) If that doesn't work try disabling your anti-virus.



  1) The number one cause for connectivity issues is the number you're dialing. If you're ever having trouble connecting or staying connected, experiment with other numbers. The EmyPeople dialer comes with a large amount of numbers. Just open the "EmyPeople Email-Only" like you would if you were going to connect but instead of pressing Connect click on Select and than Add. Enter your area code in the top right-hand corner. Select a number in the list and press OK. Press OK a couple times till your back at the main screen and try connecting. I recommend trying at least 3-5 different numbers. If you have a long distance plan try dialing a long-distance number that's located outside of your local area. One simple trick is to call the numbers you're dialing. If it beeps and than gives you a high-screeching noise you know that the number is working. If you don't use the Emy dialer or can't find enough of numbers you can find more numbers on this website and more numbers at this website.

 2) Do a Winsock Reset.
On Windows XP press the Windows Key (located at the bottom of the key-board, two keys left of the large space bar.) and R at the same time. A run box will appear. Type in there "netsh winsock reset" and than press OK. Restart the computer for the reset to complete.
For Windows Vista, 7 or 8  - Open start and type "netsh". The start screen (Whether it be Win 7, Vista or 8) will automatically start search. You should see a small box called netsh appear. Right-click on it and press "Run as administrator". Next, a black window should appear. Type in there "winsock reset" and press enter. Restart your computer to finish the reset.

 3) Verify that the phone line is quiet. Do this by picking up a phone and pressing the 1 key and making sure they hear NOTHING!
If there is noticeable noise (note often they will describe slight static because of checking it from a wireless phone) - likely a phone line issue that needs to be referred to local phone carrier.

4) Check for an outdated Antivirus and remove it.
On Windows 7 and Vista go to Control Panel>System Security>Action Center, Drop down the security bar and see what antivirus program it shows. Go to Control Panel>Software>Add/Remove programs and uninstall.


1) Modem connects and starts receiving email but eventually gets a timed out waiting on server message.

Does the phone line have call waiting service? If so are we dialing the codes to disable it for this call?

Any chance that someone picking up on a phone on the line?

If we ever have issues connecting, go to the top again and run down through the troubleshooting intermittent modem connections troubleshooter.Try an init string. I only recommend this if you got the modem from someone else other than us.
Click on the Windows/Start button. Right click on computer. From the drop down menu, click on properties. Click on the link for device manager. Click the > or + beside modems. Right click on the modem name and click on properties. Click on the advanced tab. In the "extra initialization commands" textbox, Fill in "at+ms=v34" and click OK. Test

2) Modem responds with a busy message.

 Verify that the phone gives a steady dialtone.

Try dialing the same number from a phone on the same line.

Unplug the modem from the computer. Shut the computer totally off and than restart. Plug the modem back in and try again.

If that doesn't work try uninstalling the device and re-installing it. (Note: We don't support modems that we didn't sell to you, if you didn't get the modem from us try at your own risk.) To do this, Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager (located below Devices and Printers). Click on the arrow right beside modems and it'll drop down to display all your modems. Right-click on your modem and press uninstall. Press Yes to continue. Once done uninstalling unplug the modem and restart the computer. After it's up and running again plug the modem back into the computer. Once the device is done installing try connecting again. If that doesn't work, the best thing to do is buy a new modem.

A list of common errors and there meaning:

1) Error 691, the username/password is incorrect or the selected authentication method is not permitted on the remote computer.

    The credentials you entered (username or password) is incorrect.  Enter the correct credentials or call us and ask for the correct ones.

2) The remote computer did not respond in a timely manner.

     The number you're dialing is having issues. Try dialing a new number. Refer to the beginning of this article for more info.

3) The modem is busy and currently in use.

     Something has gone wrong with the modem.

4) The specified port is not open.

     This is some an issue to do with the modem. Follow the steps above on troubleshooting modem errors.


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