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SafeSentry Pro

SafeSentry Pro incorporates next-generation contextual HTML scanning. This is a technical way of saying that the filter scans every word on every webpage to determine content. The server is not bogged down trying to maintain cumbersome lists of “good” and “bad” URLs. With the dynamic nature of web pages, this is the best way to filter if your Internet use crosses a broad section of online content.

This filter platform is one of the best available anywhere! You can have increased confidence accessing the information you need knowing that SafeSentry Pro is there to guard against objectionable content. Even if it was dynamically added 2 seconds ago!

Contextual HTML Scanning

Every word on every page is screened to determine content.

Two-Way Filtering

Every request coming FROM your computer must first pass through the filter before the requested page is even accessed.

Ad Free

By default, SafeSentry Pro blocks ads and other junk by blocking the source. The result is faster browsing and less data usage.

On-site Appliance

The same excellent filtering. On your equipment; configurable to individual devices... If maximum throughput is critical to you, or if you have more than a few devices, this may be to your cheapest, long-range option.


$13.10 a month for the first device
$8.00 a month for each additional device

On-site Appliance:
$1,609.00 one-time equipment cost
$39.00 a month for 5 - 50 devices

Discount if billed yearly.