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Secure Email

Why would you want to pay for email? Upward Mail offers multiple benefits, from the spam filtering we provide to keep junk and worse out of your inbox, to many extra options we supply, like fax to email (read more below). We never make money off your information, and our support techs are ready to help whenever you need them.

Upward Mail

Upward Mail is a secure, filtered email solution. It can be accessed through any IMAP or POP3 client, or through our online webmail client. If you need more storage than 5GB, that can be arranged. Available domain names include,, and

Price per month:
- $2.90 for a 5GB mailbox with multi-device access via IMAP, POP3, or Webmail
- $7.50 for a block of ten 5GB mailboxes with multi-device access via IMAP, POP3, or Webmail

Get 5 free email addresses along with most eMyPeople subscriptions.

Upward Mail Exchange

With Upward Mail Exchange, you get 100GB of storage space, and the ability to share calendars, tasks, and contact lists between all your device through Microsoft Exchange. Price per month: - $12.95

Custom domain

A custom domain allows you to have a website like ''. You can host your custom email address with eMyPeople.

Email to fax

If the only reason you are holding on to your landline is to send faxes, we have a solution for you. With email to fax, you can send and receive faxes from any Upward Mail email address.

Email to print

If you want to email high quality pictures, but don't want to get a cell phone or computer, try setting up email on your printer. eMyPeople can help you set up your email on several different models of Epson and HP printers. You can send emails by scanning them in. When a new email comes, it prints out on your printer.