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eMyPeople LLC is an online service provider striving to provide the safest possible connections to email and required online resources.


Secure Connections

Our high-speed wireless service allows you to transmit emails quickly without allowing web browsing. It's an ideal solution for individuals and businesses that need Email-Only or point-to-point access but prefer to avoid full Internet access. We also have options for securing Smart-Phones and International wireless connections

Hosted Email

Email accounts can be on a shared domain such as or your own custom domain. All incoming emails are thoroughly scanned for spam, viruses and suspicious content. Mailboxes support POP3 and IMAP. Additional features such as calendar and contact syncing are also available.

Filtered Internet

With various levels of Internet access available, from whitelist only to broad content filtering, there's a solution to meet your needs. Our whitelist option can allow applications like QuickBooks to update while blocking most other Internet resources. Our most powerful content filter boasts 170+ categories to either block or allow.

Restricted Connections

Need the benefits of a fast connection to replace outdated and slow dialup? Tired of waiting hours to receive your emails? Wish you could easily receive emails but avoid internet access? Our restricted connections leverage secure VPN technology that cellular providers make available to business accounts. This is a very secure way to restrict access.

Secure Lock (Windows)

When it comes to filtering, you need something secure, stable and free of headaches. Secure Lock for Windows was developed eMyPeople to securely control Internet access on Windows computers. It can be used for a complete Internet block, restricted to email only, restricted to your filter account, or a custom configuration. Once installed properly, it will make sure your computer is filtered 24/7.

Secure Lock Mobile

There's a good chance your cell phone has internet capabilities, even if it's a simple flip phone. New flip phones usually come with a pre-installed internet browser you can't remove. Sure, you can call your cell provider and try to tell someone with broken English that you'd like your data turned off. Only to discover that next month your data has been re-enabled. Or... you can use a phone with Secure Lock.

Onsite Filter Appliance

Our Internet filtering appliance can be incorporated into your local network. This has several advantages over the cloud-based version. Since the filter is on your local network, you have virtually no slowdown of Internet traffic. Subscription costs are lower if you have more than a few devices.