Whether you're trying to set up your services or troubleshoot a problem, this website is built to give you at least some troubleshooting tips. It's been designed with a logic behind it. If you're setting up your email, filter, connection or a new computer, select the Setup menu. If you're troubleshooting a problem or fixing something, select Fix. The Learn menu offers simple articles on how our filter works, among other things. Below is our current support policy. Please read it for your information.

eMyPeople offers several support channels to assist in troubleshooting your service issues.

If a technician's assistance is needed, technical support for eMyPeople services is available at $55/hr. Failure to resolve a problem will result in no charges.

General PC support can be requested for items such as malware removal or training in computer operation, if a technician suitable to the job is available. A quote will be provided for each request, and you will need to accept the quote before proceeding.

We look forward to serving you!