There are three steps to creating an usable article in Joomla...

  1. Write the article
  2. Create the menu item
  3. Link the menu item. Depending on how the menu item is created, this can be part of the second step.

Other aspects of content creation...

  1. Tags - Names, Nouns
  2. Categories - Actions, Verbs

When you are creating content...

  • Write simply. Short sentence are the easiest to understand.
  • Write clearly. Start out be stating what we are going to do and possibly a layman's explanation of the concept.
  • Write logically. Most of our work follows a logical order. Make sure the article that you write follows that order.
  • Write predictably. Use as similar a structure, style, voice, mood, and tense as possible across the whole article in both the sentences and the paragraphs.
  • Write picturesquely. Include screenshots when possible and simple diagrams when useful. A picture is worth a thousand works.
    • Minify the images before you upload them. and are two sites that I use for the process.
  • Write quickly. The points listed above are our goal. If a reasonable amount of information is in the article, an editor can come along later and clean things up. Keep those points in mind, but do not stress over them.

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.