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System Status

 This page will be a place to check for any System reports relating to downtime, or maintenance concerns.

-- This page auto-reloads every 2 min. --
-- All times are Eastern Standard unless specified otherwise. --

11/17/18 - 11:15 PM - Email should be operational but may be slow because of file restoration.

11/17/18 - 5:24 PM- 6:00 PM - Needing to take email service offline for a short time

11/17/18 - 9:00 AM - Plan to have the email server back online.

11/16/18 - 10:00 PM - We plan to take the email serever offline overnight to attempt to finish copying to remaining missing emails.

11/16/18 - 12:30 PM - The new Email Server is online and performing to expectations.  We are currently pushing about 20,000+ emails that had queued since shutdown.  Plan is to actiavte POP and IMAP connections at 12:30.  Following that we have Webmail scheduled to come online at 1:30.  Keep in mind that sending and receiving and IMAP sync will be slow and sometimes intermittent as the system catches up.  We have good hopes that by Monday morning Email will be working better than ever.  Thanks for your patience!!

11/15/18 9:35 AM - We are putting together a solution that we hope will be coming online by noon Eastern Time. Check back for updates.  We thank you for your consideration.

11/15/18 - 8:39 AM - Email still down, very sorry for the trouble.  Be assured that we are trying our best to bring it online asap!

11/15/18 - 9:30 PM - Email server down, attempting to have it functioning by tomorrow morning.

11/15/18 11:18 PM - Email server intermittent, IMAP folder Sync is being a problem.

11/15/18 6:44 am - Email server operational

11/15/18 5:21 AM - Email server work still in process

11/15/18 12:00 - 4:00 AM Email server maintenance window

11/14/18 10:00 - We are trying to diagnose some slowness on the Email server that is causing timeouts in some cases.

11/14/18 7:00 AM - Mail server is operational, some mail is still be delivered from the overnight queue

11/13/18 9:00 PM - Planned Email Server downtime through the night

11/12/18 7:21 AM - Directory caching problem was discovered and corrected over the weekend.  IMAP syncing problems should be fixed.

11/8/18 3:33 PM - Email server should be fully functional with some slowness as backlog is continued to be worked through.

11/8/18 1:57 pm - Incoming and Outgoing should be back to functioning.  Slowness will will be a factor for a few hours until all messages are synced.

11/8/18 12:18 PM - Still struggling with system problem. Incoming and Outgoing will be intermittent.

11/8/18 8:45 EST - Identified problem in Sending Mail, engineers are tracking down the issue

11/8/18 7:45AM EST - Planned Email Server startup, Please have patience as there are a lot of emails to catch up with.

11/7/18 10:00PM EST - Emypeople Email server down for upgrades.