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SecureLock Connections

With SecureLock Connections, no device on your network is able to access unfiltered internet. By default, any devices that connect will only be able to access email. If you want more than that, you can pair this with one of our filters (SecureLock 300 and above).

Plan Options

Pay as you go: $26.50 (includes 200 MB)

Automatically rolls up to next data limit for $18
Next level 500MB
Next level 1GB
Each additional level adds 1 GB.

Quantity Plans

1GB: $53.10/mo.
Each additional GB from 1GB up to 5GB: $13.00/mo.
Each additional GB after 5GB: $12.00/mo.
$7.30/mo discount when bundled with SecureLock 300
$3.50/mo discount when bundled with SecureLock 400 and above
Discounts are available for 20GB and 80GB plans.

Verizon Jetpack

We are now selling a new Verizon Orbic Jetpack. It does the same thing the old one did, while costing much less.
- Use WIFI hotspot with devices around the house or on the go. - Get wired internet by connecting to your computer with a USB cable. - When 4G service is not available, stay connected by using 3G bands.

Price: $150.00

Enterprise Modem

Our Enterprise Modem is the ideal mobile broadband router for Email-Only, White-list, Filtered Internet, and other applications. This rugged metal router comes with an embedded modem that is compatible with 4G LTE and 3G networks throughout North America, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Two redundant SIM slots are available for separate carriers. It works well with third party wireless connections or where we need to enforce -on-board rules. It also has the capability of being used with a credit card machine.

Price: $395.00
Additional monthly cost: $4.70/mo

Secured Router

With our Secured Router, we can lock down your existing connection. It doesn't matter if it comes from a high speed cable or a far reaching satellite.

Price: $147.50

Tablet With Filtered Hotspot

Our new tablet works as both a hotspot and computer in one! Not only does it allow you to give email to your computer/phone, you can also check your email. You can also optionally add apps for weather and navigation, and apps that don't need internet access, like a camera or calculator.