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Introduction to PcGateway:
    Over the years eMyPeople has tested and implemented various software and hardware solutions.  Some have become solid solutions that our clients depend on.  Others just never end up going mainstream.  Moving forward we would like to work on optimizing our focus. As a first step in that direction, eMypeople is introducing PcGateway.Online  A concept that we will be using to qualify and standardize the services that we actively promote.  
     Pc stands for Plain Community.  A gateway is a passage, a connection/restriction point between two places.  PcGateway endeavors to be a secure connection point between the Plain Community and the individual resources that you need from the vast online world.  The actual Gateway is an advanced combination of hardware and software that enforces the access configuration that you request. 
  In addition there are two other types of elements that complete a Gateway path: 
 Connectors and Channels.
A Connector is the means by which you access the Gateway, such as:
- Private Network Cellular Modem
- Enterprise Point to Point Modem

  Channels are means by which the Gateway grants access to specific online resources, such as:
-  Email
-  Online Faxing
-  Whitelist access
-  Content Filtering
-  Webhosting

  We hope that PcGateway will be a place you will grow to trust for dependable and secure access to the specific resources you need online.   Future newsletters will explain things in more detail and introduce you to new options as they become available.  For now, rest assured that all of your existing services will continue functioning as they are.  For info comng soon, check back!

Any questions please email support@emypeople.net