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Mobile Phones

With smart phone and flip phone options, you can use what works best for you.

Vision Phone

The Vision Phone is a phone made by the plain people, for the plain people. Built to be filtered, it is one of the most secure Android phones out there. It has an app store of handpicked apps, with the option of customizing which ones you use. Any unwanted apps can be taken off the screen. By default, no Google services are installed, which helps exponentially with privacy. Then, it also comes with zero touch enrollment and encrypted cloud storage. The Vision Phone is powered by our SecureLock system, so you get your choice of any of our Android compatible filtering options.

Flip Phones

If a smartphone isn't for you, we have you covered as well. With an assortment of locked down flip phones to choose from, finding something to fit your needs should be no problem. Unlike many flip phones, which, unknown to many, have browsers installed, these phones have all internet access removed.


With SecureLock, your phone can be tailored to your individual needs. Do you need calling only? Do you need calling and texting? Camera on or off? With it your device can be configured to your specifications, eliminating unwanted apps and connections, while retaining a user-friendly experience for all your communication and work needs. All this comes free with your choice of our Android compatible filters.

To get this functionality, you can either buy our ready to go Moto 2021 cellphone, or you can bring your own phone. If you choose to bring your own, we can set it up for $60.50, or you can get your own control panel for $0.60/mo and customize it yourself.

Mobile Browsers

Download a browser for Android that runs your filter.