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Mobile Downloads

We now have Mobile Browsers for Android devices!  They are not listed in the Play Store at this time so you need to download from this page. 


Note:  You need to configure your device to allow installation of third-party software.  (Settings > System > Security > Check the box next to Unknown sources.


You will also need the Username / Password for your active filter account.


Click on the following links to download the Firefox Mobile Browser for these Filter Platforms:


SafeSentryPro (ProxyD)

SecureLock 400 - 600 (Proxy1)

SecureLock 700 (ProxyB)


Note: We are providing these browsers at no charge at this point.  We hope that they are useful to you.  We do not make any guarantees of compatibility with the individual sites that you may visit.


For iOS we recommend ProxyBrowse.  After installing go to the "shield" icon to input Proxy Server and login credentials.  You will want to select HTTP and switch enabled to yes.  You can optionally set a password so that settings cannot be modified.  Of course, you will likely want to use iOS Restrictions to remove Safari.


Questions? Please email






SecureLock for Android

We have developed our own Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Android devices. With SecureLock we can totally control what apps run on the device. We can also filter the device by enabling global proxy via one of our filters. The control panel for this system is available for businesses, churches, IT shops, or individuals who would like to control their own devices.