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Fax to Email

If you like email, you will love our Email to Fax service! It allows you to send and receive faxes anywhere in the world where you have access to your email. You can get a Toll-Free fax number or a local number in most area codes.


Incoming faxes simply show up in your Inbox as a PDF attachment. To send a fax you simply compose an email to a special email address that contains the fax number of the recipient. You attach most any document and send. That’s all there is to it. No need for a dedicated phone line, fax machine, or toner cartridges!



There are 3 plans:


$10.90 includes fax number and 15 free pages per month.


$17.90 includes fax number and 50 free pages per month.


$34.10 includes fax number and 250 free pages per month.


Additional pages are $0.10 per page.


In many cases, we can port your existing fax number into our system. People sending you faxes never know the difference! A one-time $82.50 porting fee applies.


You can link up to 5 email addresses for sending and/or receiving faxes. Adding additional addresses is a $15.00 charge per request. Each request can include linking up to 5 additional email addresses.






eMyPeople Email Services

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Email to Printer

Don’t have a computer? Looking for an alternative to faxing? Check out our email-to-printer solution!