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Email to Printer

Faxing via traditional landlines in many areas is not just a thing of the past. It is impossible, or price prohibitive. In some sectors, as the local phone companies totally remove the copper lines or upgrade them to faster data protocols, faxes and dialup email no longer work.


What if you don’t have a computer or other email device, but still need high-resolution color documents? Email-to-printer is the solution. Your printer, paired with one of our enterprise modems, can be configured to be a totally computer-free, internet-free solution that ties into our network for a fast, secure, email-only experience.


Various Epson and HP models can be configured to send and receive emails via our mail server using SMTP protocols with a customized return path. Where other solutions (like email via fax) take a long time to send and receive, with our high-speed network you can send multi-page documents in seconds.* And when someone responds to your email, it starts printing on your printer.



Equipment you will need:


A compatible printer


An Enterprise Modem. Current price is $395.00.



Monthly costs:


Email mailbox: $2.70


Enterprise Modem control: $7.10


Data costs start at $22.00 per month, depending on use. It can also be configured with your own data plan.



*Speed depends on wireless signal strength.






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